Sunday, November 4, 2012

The 2 Most Attractive Forms of Women

Every form of woman is virtually attractive & beautiful. Sensitive style, sweet talks, charming face, and pleasant energy compel a man's heart to grizzle. In their presence, men start to cluster around one by one and seek their attention with different ways.
However, there are two special forms of women that make men completely crazy about them and steal a man's heart in every stage of a relationship.
1) Aggressive Form
2) Submissive Form
According to men's psychology, these two forms of women come in the realm of true beauty. Because, these two forms are utterly opposite & different, and they transform a woman into a completely dynamic person. So, if you belong to one of these forms, you'll comfortably make a place in every man's heart.
Aggressive Form
It's important to clear one thing here. Aggressiveness and dominance are two different things. The aggressiveness of a woman is extremely attractive for a man. On the other hand, the dominance of a woman is considered disrespectful. A man can never tolerate the disrespectful behavior of his woman. Because, when his woman disrespects him, she invades his manly ego and generates the feelings of hatred in his heart for her.
A woman with aggressive traits is magically attractive for men. Because, she's exactly different from other women. The enthusiasm of her soul, the heights of her emotions, and the bright sparkles of her eyes tempt the happy emotions of men.
I have a friend who is very fond of target shooting. According to her, target shooting is a very relaxing hobby. However, the interesting thing which I want to tell you is that, whenever she tells the men about her this hobby, she instantly becomes very unique to them. In a moment, she beats other thousands of girls and steals the heart of every man. Men start treating her with respect and gives her authoritative position in almost every situation. As far as I know, it's never difficult for her to control the heart of men. In addition, because of this hobby, her own man treats her with high respect and showers love on her through every possible way.

Women who take an interest in sports, politics, business, social work, and public relations are often considered aggressive. Such women have full confidence in their abilities. They know that how to deal with bad times, and they know that how to get respect from people - And, this is what men love.
Submissive Form
Submissive women are the hearts of poets. Only a poet is able to define the true beauty of submissive women in his words. It's because submissive women are very heart-touching for men. Their delicate style, shy tone, and feminine attraction take the hearts of men.
A few months ago, I was watching a documentary in which they told that there are many submissive gestures which extremely attract the emotions of a man. For example, they were saying that, in rainy season, when rain clouds roar, and you embrace your man with fear, or hold his hand, you actually activate the feelings of love of your man. In other words, when he sees you in the fear, he tries his best to protect you. In a way, he connects with you on an emotional level.
Like aggressive women, submissive women also have some special qualities, hobbies, and habits which are extremely attractive for men. Cooking, painting/drawing, dancing, photography, exercise, gardening, reading and writing are those traits which seduce the mind of a man. In addition, these types of traits make a submissive woman very interesting... She becomes the desire of every heart and attracts the emotions of everyone with her feminine charm.