Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Be Gorgeous - Add Charm, Mystique and Elegance to Be Gorgeous and Irresistible

Charm, mystique and elegance are three of the most powerful attributes you could ever hope to posses when it comes to natural beauty and, in order to be gorgeous, you must master all three of them.
If you want to be gorgeous then charm is the mysterious and invisible element of beauty. It has the same effect as casting a magic spell, because your audience will be captivated by your beauty and enthralled by your presence.
Too many women try to be gorgeous by adjusting how they look on the outside. You may have a pretty face, wear expensive clothes and flattering make-up but unless you are charming you will always come across as a mannequin. To be gorgeous you must have attractive inner qualities that are intangible yet powerfully enchanting.
Your charm will attract and delight admirers and make you more alluring and charismatic, therefore you will be gorgeous in their eyes.
Whatever you do, do not underestimate the power of charm. Whether you are looking for love, friendship, success or just to please yourself or the people around you - becoming charming will make you more attractive and hard to resist and you will be gorgeous.
A charming woman makes everything more fun and exciting.
A warm smile of recognition - an affectionate brush of the hand - if you are a charming woman then you will add a sparkle to the dullest day for the people in your life.
So where does this mysterious charm come from? It's not something you can just wear now and again like a comfortable pair of shoes; it has to become part of you. It is the way you express yourself in an honest, open and friendly manner. It is part of your personality and character and should be pure and natural if you want to be gorgeous.

It could be in the way you smile, or tilt your head while listening, or your open pleasure at seeing someone you know. It could be your boldness or even your shyness. It could be the way you blush or your cheeky grin.
Your characteristics and mannerisms all contribute to giving you your own special charm and you can develop areas of yourself that will captivate and bewitch.
Being beautiful will get you noticed, your intelligence and sense of humor will get you recognized but by adding a charming side to your nature you will be gorgeous and truly unforgettable.
Possessing charm is an individual quality and you can't copy it from anyone else. You need to identify your own special qualities and see how you can best offer them to others. This requires honesty in expressing yourself because when others see a true expression of your personality they will be charmed into thinking that you must be gorgeous.
Be true to yourself and your individuality and express it freely. Never pretend to be something you're not - if you're naturally shy don't try to be the life and soul of the party. If, on the other hand, you have done something you are really proud of don't belittle it. Revealing a unique side to your personality will add to your charm.
To be gorgeous you also need to have impeccable manners. Rudeness, anger and selfishness are definitely not charming qualities.
The biggest element of charm and mastering how to be gorgeous is by adding a little bit of mystique.
When you meet someone who is charming there is always an element of mystery, something that you can't quite put your finger on. This mystery often comes from what is